zaterdag 18 april 2015

Lily Pond CAL - Part 1.2

Another CAL-post! We have now arrived at the point were you should have your four blocks from Part 1 ready, as the new patterns will appear on Tuesday!

Yeah, you might have guessed... I am not done ;)

I had good reasons, I am working hard on birthday presents. This is a CAL after all, and I don't have to finish everything yet...
But I did want to keep up! So I made an effort out of at least finishing one complete block!

And this is it! Really, these blocks are simple and quickly made... So I don't worry! I will catch up in no time!

Some close-ups:



I am still liking the wrong side better... So I will have to see what I do, when it comes to assembly-time.

Have you seen the designer's blog? Janie Crow keeps up with the CAL with handy instructions and tips.
This week she focused on tension, and I wanted to add my own thoughts to that.
I said last week I wanted to follow this pattern to the letter... Well, I don't. As I totally don't care for my tension, I didn't do any swatching or measuring. And I am, and will keep, flying with that.

I will see how I will end up. If really necessary, as it is not my usual way to go, I will block my pieces to the right dimensions, if I can't neatly connect when at attaching.

Looking forward to the new patterns (they are a square with flower, the rumor goes ;) ).
And I will be back next week with an new CAL-post and maybe a FOFriday as well! See you soon.

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