maandag 4 mei 2015

Lily Pond CAL - Part 2.2

Did you miss something yesterday? Well, me too... You know, life. It just tends to get in the way.
But not of stitching this lovely blanket!

By now I finished all four squares from Part 2, as they were delightful to make!

See the embroidered detail? It just finishes it off... I really love how these flower squares are constructed and I fully intend to incorporated the flower base in some other blanket (squares) soon when I get the change.

The big wave-y blocks are not my favorite as much... So I only finished one more...

All together this is what I've got now. I am enjoying it! But I am still in a debate over the front and back part of the wave-y blocks... I am not liking the front, but I am tentative to finish off the blocks with their side-stitching and making the back the front definitively. Maybe I will just hold that off until the very last minute, when all is done and it is time for assembly!

Tomorrow we await a new block, and actually, I can't wait! I am so curious to see what I will be doing for the next two weeks (besides finishing that one last wave-y block -_-').
I will show you on Sunday!

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